Volume 2, Issue 1 - 1st Quarter, 2007

How Uploading Works
Marshall Brain, founder of How Stuff Works, discusses how mind uploading might work in the future and the pace of technology in this field. The article covers why humans will want to upload their consciousness, discarding the human body, and the most likely initial form of transference.
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The Role of AGI in Cybernetic Immortality
Ben Goertzel, Ph.D., of Novamente LLC and Biomind LLC, discusses the role of artificial general intelligence (AGI) in the framework of cyber-immortality. Dr. Goertzel discusses the challenges facing AGI researchers and recent work by Novamente in this field.
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The Ethics of Imagination: The Space Between Your Ears
Wrye Sententia, Ph.D., as Co-Founder and Director of the California-based Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, is at the forefront of an effort regarding the ethics of imagination. In this article, Dr. Sententia looks at the concept of imagination and how imagination is key not only to the furtherance of many of the technologies that we see on a visionary horizon but also to fostering human consciousness in ethically meaningful ways, in ways that are sustainable as we move forward into the bumpy ride of the future.
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