Volume 2, Issue 2 - 2nd Quarter, 2007

Neuronanotechnology to Cure Criminality and Mental Illness
Dr. Woolf, a neuroscientist with the University of California at Los Angeles, shares her explorations and theories addressing the latest advances in neuronanotechnology concerning some of the important mental illness issues of our society.
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Hybriduality and Geoethics
Dr. Rothblatt illustrates the multi-dimensional, energy-consciousness of beings as hybriduals, rather than individuals, and the associated ethics powered by an information- intensive society.
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The Clinic Seed – Africa
Keith Henson’s short story, to be published within a web-book entitled, “Standard Gauge,” to be posted on his independent website, transports the reader on an exploratory journey into the post singularity, near-future technology of an artificial intelligence directed clinic in Africa.
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