Volume 2, Issue 4 - 4th Quarter, 2007

How Neuronanotechnology Will Lead to Melding of Mind and Machine
Entrepreneur, author, futurist and producer, Ray Kurzweil, deftly explains a path to understanding the basic principles of human and artificial intelligence, and reverse engineering of the brain in attempting to copy intelligently biological subsystems and brain uploading.
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Upgrading Humans - Technical Realities and New Morals
Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, United Kingdom, describes how his 1998 experiment allowed him the title of the world’s first, ‘Human Cyborg’ when he implanted a Radio Frequency Identification Device (of his own design), within his body. Dr. Warwick also explains the present and possible future benefits of the technology of merging man and machine.
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