Volume 4, Issue 1 - May 2009

Productive Nanosystems as a Milestone Toward Geoethical Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology consultant and science writer, James B. Lewis, Ph.D. expertly discusses the growing field of nanotechnology, its current roadmap, and implementing manufacturing processes necessary to solving many of the world’s problems.
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Cryonic Enabling Technology and the Bioweapons Risk
Douglas Mulhall, nanotechnology researcher and journalist, discusses the public and political urgency to develop an overall strategy for dealing with the potential (good vs. evil), dual use of nanotechnology.
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Understanding and Applying the Theosophy of Octavia Butler’s Earthseed Toward Achieving Geoethical Nanotechnology
Allison M. Ward, a futurist and student in Psychology, Human Anatomy, and Physiology expresses an insightful analogy between the Octavia Butler books, Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents, and geoethical nanotechnology; addressing pressing concerns within the present technological revolution.
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