Volume 4, Issue 2 - December 2009

Recombinant DNA and Self-replicating Molecular Manufacturing: Parallels and Lessons
Dr. James Lewis expounds on why an Asilomar-like conference, as well as other venues involving relevant members of the scientific and technical communities, should be explored to identify and avoid immediate threats to public safety at such time when self-replicating nanotechnology is imminent.
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Application of Asilomar Guidelines to Self-replicating Machines
Dr. Rothblatt discusses how segmenting the regulations created during the 1975 Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA would be a useful tool for the self-replicating nanotechnology she deems necessary to implement human galactic colonization.
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Concerning the Near Future of Human Sciences
David R. Hegstad, after taking an externship in internal medicine and working in 3rd World Health Care, identifies an increasingly prevalent need for a mutual participation of nonscientists and the private and public/non-profit sectors for the betterment of science toward improving public interest and support for research.
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