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Volume 9, Issue 1 - Fall 2014


On The Recurrent Functional Restoration and Indefinite Functional Perpetuation of the Central Nervous System
Franco Cortese locates the notion of 'gradual mind uploading' and the discipline of whole-brain-emulation within the broader methodological context of functionallyrestorative medicine and functionally perpetuative medicine, characterizing it as a distinct approach within the field of biomedical gerontology and regenerative medicine. By explicating the general approach underlying 'gradual mind uploading', transplantology, prosthesis, cell replacement therapy, whole-body induced somatic cell turnover, tissue engineering, gene therapies and chromosome replacement therapies, he draws methodological continuity between its variations and articulates a methodological and taxonomic system for distinguishing between them. Ultimately, Franco argues that the indefinite perpetuation of the CNS via is possible through the gradual and recurrent functional restoration of its constituent integral-components.
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Keywords: Franco Cortese, functionally restorative medicine, functionally perpetuative medicine, integral component replacement therapy, ICRT, gradual integral component replacement therapy, GICRT, cognitive integral component replacement therapy, CICRT, gradual cognitive integral component replacement therapy, GCIRT, Whole-body Induced Somatic Cell Turnover, WISCT, Recurrent mtDNA Replacement Therapy, RMRT, Recurrent gDNA Replacement Therapy, RGRT, ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans, life extension, neuroperpetuation, nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, whole brain emulation, WBE, gradual mind uploading, biomedical engineering, neurotechnology, neural engineering, biomechatronics, bionics, biomedical gerontology, cybernetics, biomimetic, synthetic biology, synthetic ion channels, ion channel reconstitution, artificial membrane reconstitution, regenerative medicine.

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