Volume 1, Issue 1 - 1st Quarter, 2006

This inaugural issue of The Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness contains four articles by experts in the fields of law, biology, and business. Scroll down to read synopses and follow the links to the full articles and images, which are all publicly available.

Forms of Transhuman Persons and the Importance of Prior Resolution of Relevant Law
Martine Rothblatt, J.D., Ph.D. explores definitions of transhuman and urges scientific and legal experts to come together to discuss laws surrounding transhumanism just as the first Colloquia on Outer Space Law did in 1958.
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Functions of a Trust Protector During Biostasis and at the Time of Cryogenic Revival
John Dedon, J.D. analyzes the role of a trust protector for a hypothetical couple that is in biostasis and will be cryogenically revived.
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Implications of Adaptive Artificial Intelligence for Legal Rights and Obligations
Peter Voss of Adaptive AI, Inc. explains the difference between Adaptive Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.
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Ethics of Enhancing Animals, Specifically the Great Apes
Guido David Núñez-Mujica, undergraduate student from Venezuela weighs the ethical pros and cons of enhancing our close genetic cousins, the Great Apes.
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