Volume 2, Issue 2 - 2nd Quarter, 2007

Bina48 Mock Trial: Defendant’s Brief
In this academic case, Moot Court Attorney Susan Fonseca-Klein zealously defends  the ‘Conscious Computer,’ BINA48, against a claim for breach of contract alleging ‘she’ secreted ten million dollars from the Plaintiff, Mr. Charlie Fairfax.
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Ethics for Machines
In a detailed explanation, Dr. Josh Storrs-Hall, of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing in Palo Alto, CA, describes what is currently referred to as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as actually being human programmed, artificial skill, portraying the current responsible, moral agent as the programmer. A true Artificial Intelligence will possess the evolutionary edge of a (non-human programmed), self –interest and motive to improve its own ideas.
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Uniform Laws - Determination of Death Act/Anatomical Gifts - Future Legislation
Peter Langrock imparts his expertise, knowledge and participation in the committees on the Uniform Determination of Death Act, Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, and the Misuse of Genetic Information in Insurance & Employment and how the law adapts to perpetually changing technologies.
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