Volume 3, Issue 1 - 1st Quarter, 2008

An Outline for the Legal Ontology of Personhood: The Transbeman Example
David Koepsell, J.D., Ph.D. combines a legal and philosophical prowess in his research and desire to define the nature of personhood and the legal and social challenges posed by our evolving, technological future.
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The Tao of Personhood: The Yin and Yang of the Property-Person Continuum
Professor Linda MacDonald-Glenn's research into evolving notions of personhood within the emerging technologies is a philosophical cross-culture of ideas between the concepts and principles of the Tao and Yin and Yang.
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United States v. AI
Susan Fonseca-Klein, J.D.
Certain theories, events and landmark decisions have sparked intense controversy over time such as the origin of man, desegregation and Roe v. Wade respectively. Equally is the nature of Artificial Intelligence about which we know little, yet speculate much.
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