Volume 4, Issue 1 - May 2009

Arguments Supporting the Legal Rights of People in and Revived from Biostasis
John P. Dedon, Esq. offers supporting arguments as to why cryonically preserved individuals and their property should be protected.
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Cryo-Documentation: Vital Statistics
Loraine J. Rhodes, CLA explores a ‘bottoms-up’ approach toward securing the legal rights and identities of people in biostasis and those making a conscious decision to preserve their bodies through the evolving science of cryonics.
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Pros and Cons of Corporate Personhood for Transbemans
Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D. imposes the legal notions of corporate personhood upon transbemans or futuristic persons, specifically those who transition from flesh-ware to software, and may lack the traditional DNA based biological substrate.
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