Volume 3, Issue 3 
3rd Quarter, 2008

Awaken the Universe - Introducing the Order of Cosmic Engineers

Philippe Van Nedervelde

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It is not the job of scientists, or scientific researchers (except perhaps for scientists in the humanities) to do anything with or about the fact that human beings are SOCIAL animals.

Scientists naturally recognize the fact that the vast majority of human beings crave more or less organized groups within which to channel their genuine interests in the existential questions and their contributions towards answering them.

Scientists are not trained to organize or provide such. Therefore, we should not expect this from them and certainly not blame them for this particular void.

The (re-)unification of the sciences and religions has been discussed far, wide and deep. Such discussions seem to concentrate on finding overlaps and compromises at the top level of the more-or-less abstract beliefs held by the communities involved. At the so-called "street level", we see no such unification efforts though, until now.

On this precise point, I am happy to be the bearer of what I believe to be rather good news: it is my honor and pleasure to inform you of the birth of a new TYPE of group that’s focused on answering those big existential questions. For lack of a better word, we refer to this new type of group with a neologism; the newly made-up word "unreligion".

As with most good to great ideas, the concept is eminently simple and straightforward: a group of people, call it an organization if you wish, that is focused on answering those big existential questions and does so by designing its own organizational DNA in such a manner as to keep out all the demonstrably bad features of religions, cults, sects etc., and adopting only the demonstrably wholesome social activities and other organizational features of such groups as well as their beneficial ethical insights and accomplishments.

In other words, none of the bad stuff, all of the good stuff.
This approach yields a new kind of organization which is so fundamentally different from religions, that it really cannot, and should not, be counted as one; hence the word un-religion.

Twenty short minutes are woefully inadequate to present you a sufficiently shaded insight into this new organization: the Order of Cosmic Engineers (OCE) [1]. First, let me give you the URL where you may find further information: www.cosmeng.org,  and second, let me share with you the opening paragraphs of a positional document that we have come to call our "Prospectus". It will give you a taste of what we are all about, hopefully pique your interest, and maybe even whet your appetite.

The Order of Cosmic Engineers warmly invites you to join its cosmic quest. We joyfully set out to permeate our universe with benign intelligence, building and spreading it from inner space to outer space and beyond.

The milestone grails of our joyful cosmic quest sequentially comprise:

Evolve a vibrant global community of responsible, dynamically optimistic, cosmic engineers;

Engineer & homestead synthetic realities suitable for ultimate permanent living;

Responsibly develop and apply technologies to enhance our minds and bodies to be suited to the long cosmic road ahead;

Engineer & apply consciousness preservation means enabling mind uploading and personality reconstruction;

Devise a roadmap for the exponential ingression of intelligence into inanimate matter;

Make inner space come alive with intelligence by engineering intelligence computation at the molecular level;

Engineer, spur, and guide the responsible geometric intelligence expansion from inner space, to human scale, to outer space scale;

Intimately join, cross-pollinate, and cross-leverage our mental resources into a meta-mind society;

Deeply optimize our material universe for cosmos-wide intelligence computation;

Answer the ultimate questions of the origin, nature, purpose and destiny of reality;

Tune universe-creation parameters so as to further improve the maximization of the computational ability of a universe;

Engineer and engender one or more new baby universes with controlled physics parameters;

Beget a new universe anew;

Behold our creations;



and BE

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1. Order of Cosmic Engineers - Adopting an engineering approach and attitude, the Order aims to turn this universe into a “magical” realm in the sense of Clarke’s Third Law: a realm where sufficiently advanced technology turns daily reality into what would be considered by most today as a seemingly supernatural ‘magical’ realm.

We are, at the same time, a transhumanist association, a spiritual movement, a space advocacy group, a literary salon, a technology observatory, an idea factory, a virtual worlds development group, and a global community of persons willing to take an active role in building, in realizing a sunny future. We will discuss the future of humanity during World of Warcraft quests, plan the future of technology in Second Life, and build futuristic virtual worlds in our labs. But most importantly, we will assist you -yes, we do mean you- in finding meaning and hope in your existence in this, your reality, your universe.
http://cosmeng.org/index.php/...  July 31, 2008 9:58AM EST



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