Current Issue
Volume 8, Issue 1 - Spring 2013

Towards Rights For All People
University of Nevada J.D. Candidate, John T. Niman, explores the criteria of cognitive abilities within the complexities of personhood in not only human beings, but also animals and artificial intelligences.
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Keywords: Person, personhood, human, human beings, animal, artificial intelligence, legal personhood, human rights, definitions of personhood, advanced robots, rights, cognitive abilities, development, self-aware, behavior, John T. Niman, Wesley J. Smith, exceptionalism, DNA, chimps, chimpanzee, apes, bonobo, neutron, electron, atom, conception, heartbeat, brain activity, viability, birth, life advocate, Charles Lugosi, ensoulment, St. Thomas Aquinas, Christians, soul, God-creator, English Common Law, abortion, Descartes, automata, vivisect, body, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Jacques Maritain, Man and the State, free will, natural law, Alan Gerwith, rationality, morality, consciousness, philiosophy, Kant, zombie, Peter carruthers, sentient, Peter Singer, cyborg, Paul Waldau, Frans de Waal.

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