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Volume 9, Issue 1 - Fall 2014

Pentagonian Corporate Ethics?
Jorge E. Rodriguez presents a preliminary design of a “morality system governing artificial intelligence,” which includes the functions of robots.
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Keywords: Jorge Enrique Rodriguez, pentagonian, corporate, ethics, PcE, robot, busy child, program, compass, negotiation, triangle, artificial intelligence, AI, emotional intelligence, EI, economics, social justice, environment, utilitarianism, morality, legal, robotics, agent, estoppel, govern, social robots, morality system, pentagon, AI robots, doctrine, Kurzweil, Pattern Recognition Theory of the Mind, ideology, cyborg, beme, triple-bottom-line, Elkington, roboethicist, Bentham, Aristotle, Naam, Kaku, Huxley, Internet, Barrat, Deep Blue, IBM, Asimov, Three Laws, philosophy, psychology, physical science, cybernetic, consciousness, beingness, cyberconsciousness, Virtual Friendly Robot, human, contract, promisor, promisee, SCOR, Specialized Court on Robotics..

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