Volume 7, Issue 1 - Summer 2012

Sixty Years Old - is my future short and messy, or long and glorious?
Hank Pellissier, journalist, futurist and Managing Director of the Institute for Ethics in Emerging Technologies, shares his insights on where our best hopes lie in life-extending technologies, immortality and weaving all into every day family life.
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Cryonics and the HIPAA Privacy Rule
John Niman, J.D. candidate at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in his passion for transhumanism and technology shares his research efforts toward healthcare privacies, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and how they are applicable to members of cryonics facilities and/or those who are already cryopreserved.
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The Subjectivity Trap
Martin O’Dea, Business Lecturer from Dublin, Ireland, as inspired by an article written by David Chalmers on the singularity and his interests in Human technological and biological development, offers further insight into computation and the predictive nature of our learning rendering the ability to upload our consciousness a technical challenge.
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The Meme of Altruism and Degrees of Personhood
Amanda Stoel, Freelance Social Project Developer, Netherlands, futurist and member of the Singularity Network, addresses the principles of acting for the sake of others and how those actions apply not only to humans, but all sentient beings from the insect and animal kingdoms to artificial intelligence.
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The Legal Status of Multiple Revived Versions of a Person
Martine Rothblatt. J.D., Ph.D., author, producer, entrepreneur and Founder/President of Terasem Movement, Inc., contemplates manners in which the legal system will accommodate multiple versions of our future selves, be it a single or multiple versions or across multiple substrates of the originating, conscious person.
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Terasem Mission
Educate the public on the practicality and necessity of greatly extending human life, consistent with diversity and unity, via geoethical nanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousness, concentrating in particular on facilitating revivals from biostasis.